Hey Day Cafe

Keir's Vino Creed


Thousands of years of human ingenuity have gone into the production and refinement, of wine. Almost no other food inspires the mystique, nostalgia, and sometimes, fanaticism that wine does. It is made in practically every part of the globe, although no one region can lay claim to defining what "good" wine must be. Every country, every region, and every style combine to make a better experience as a whole, expanding the possibilities of what we can share and enjoy. Wine can be many things: full, delicate, easy-drinking, ethereal. It can be famous and untouchably expensive, or made in your neighbor’s garage. Every palate is different - neither right nor wrong. In the end, however, a bottle of wine is only as good as the company you enjoy it with. So sit back and indulge. Explore new wine, or enjoy old favorites.


"Wine rejoices the heart of man,

         and joy is the mother of all virtue..."~ Goethe